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Areas serviced for gardening: Abbey Wood, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Blackheath,

Chislehurst, Dartford, Eltham, Erith, Greenwich, Lewisham, London, Orpington,
Plumstead, Sidcup, Thamesmead, Welling, Woolwich, Kent, South East London and beyond.

Enchanted Gardening Services

Call, Text or WhatsApp: 079 4434 4054

Do you you have children and would like to create a basic play area comprised of a sandpit? I can assist you as my now grown children had a field time in their sandpit when they were toddlers.

Don't forget to always cover up the sandpit when not in use either with netting or a plastic cover. Animals may be tempted to use the sandpit as their toilet. This is very important as animals may carry diseases which are quite harmful to humans and small children in particular.

Artificial grass looks so realistic now and can last for many years when installed professionally. Its very easy maintenance.

You have plants in your garden you are not sure of? Perhaps some are producing brightly coloured berries? They could be toxic to humans and animals. Let me help you put your mind to rest.

There is no need to be afraid of flying insects. In fact kids love watching wildlife. Today's children are quite aware of the need to protect bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

Kids Play Areas In Urban Gardens

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