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Areas serviced for gardening: Abbey Wood, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Blackheath,

Canary Wharf, Chislehurst, Dartford, Eltham, Erith, Greenwich, Lewisham, London, Orpington,
Plumstead, Sidcup, Thamesmead, Welling, Woolwich, Kent, South East London and beyond.

Enchanted Gardening Services

Call, Text or WhatsApp: 079 4434 4054


Enchanted Gardening Services believes in a sustainable environment

and supports “Save our Bees and Bumblebees”, “Save our Hedgehogs”,

“Pesticides & Health” and “Organic Foods”.

Here is an important fact:

If the bees and Bumblebees were to die out, we would lose a third of our diet!!!

Bees are essential in pollinating our crops, flowers and wildflowers.

Without bees and Bumblebees, the cost of our food will skyrocket and the choices of all the different types of foods we currently enjoy to eat will be considerably diminished.

Of the 25 remaining native species of bees in the UK a number are already under serious threat.

Bear in mind also that this figure is half the number to just fifty years ago.

This is what you, with the help of Enchanted Gardening Services, can do to help save our bees. Please see the dedicated Bees and Bumble Bees page.

Here is another important fact:

Hedgehogs are on the decline and may soon be extinct.

This is what you can do to help hedgehogs.

Abel & Cole Organic Food

I have tried many food boxes since the local supermarkets seriously reduced their organic food offering. I like to cook and am also very conscious about where my food comes from, if any cancer causing pesticides were used. Also I am very concerned about the welfare of the farm animals. We have reduced our meat intake and no snack foods made from animals.

In my opinion the Abel&Cole foodbox is the best. They have many artisan foods you would only find at a traditional farmers market. I have posted my findings on my Instagram account.

Please click on the link and sign up to try it yourself, usually they offer a really great freebie for new customers.

Pesticides and fertilisers in our foods:

Please sign the Soil Association Petition to stop the blanket use of Weedkiller as 1/3rd of the UK bread, biscuits, porridge, snacks and breakfast cereals contains Glyphosate.

Saving the Bees and Bumblebees

Save our Hedgehogs

Pesticides and our Health

Organic Foods